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About us
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Join the largest offshore wind programme in the world and help shape the future of renewable energy.

EnBW is leading a landmark operation in renewables for the UK which will generate more offshore energy than any current wind programme in existence. We are looking for engineering talent that wants to develop and direct this important project and contribute to the next chapter in energy infrastructure.

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Secure your career in energy with the EnBW benefits package

Our benefits match the high level of skill and expertise of our employees. We are proud to offer attractive salaries, pension schemes, insurance, and more.

Exciting tasks in a young and growing company

A diverse and inclusive work environment

Competitive salary and bonus

Pension scheme (also offered as a sacrifice)

Opportunities for professional growth and development

Flexible working arrangements

Private health and dental insurances

Generous holiday allowance

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Powering a sustainable future in the UK

The partnership between EnBW and bp has quickly evolved into a recipe for success. Together, they have been awarded contracts for offshore wind farms capable of generating 6 gigawatts and powering 6.4 million households. This new venture is key to expanding renewables access for the people of the United Kingdom.

Powering around 6 million UK households with clean energy.
3 windfarms covering an area larger than Greater London
Contributing to the UK’s 50GW offshore wind target
Creating over 3,000 jobs
Irish sea
Morgan windfarm

Irish sea
Mona windfarm

Coast of Scotland
Morven windfarm

Join us
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Make your next career move: Explore new EnBW jobs in the UK

Join EnBW Generation UK Ltd. to work on these exciting renewable energy projects and make a major contribution to a climate-friendly future. Interested? Then apply for one of our open positions or email for further enquiries.

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